Firefox 3 Alpha 5 release to include Places

Elena Santos


firefox-homepage-tip.gifFirefox 3 continues to grow quickly and steadily. Only a month after the last Alpha release, Mozilla developers have scheduled the new Alpha 5 version to be launched this coming Friday, June 1st.

The great news about this coming Alpha is that it will include Places, a new bookmark and history feature which was initially planned to be implemented in Firefox 2 but had to be postponed.

Places is based on the SQLite database engine so it’s incompatible with previous Firefox versions’ bookmarks. If you’re already using any of the Firefox 3 alpha releases, you’ll have to export and import bookmarks manually into the new Places system. Remember to create a backup copy of your bookmarks first! Alpha versions are development stages and should be used only for testing purposes, not for daily web browsing.

In any case, while we wait for the final version of Firefox 3 to be released late this year, here’s a tip for good old version 2 I just found out: if you want to have more than one homepage opened when launching the browser, just enter their addresses on the Preferences window separated by pipe symbols, as you can see in the image published on this post. An easy trick to make Firefox even more useful!

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