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How to: Downgrade to Firefox 3

Jonathan Riggall


Firefox 4 has lots of improvements, but many users are reporting crashes and web pages failing to load. If you want to downgrade to Firefox 3 until all your add-ons are updated and stability issues are fixed, here’s how:

1: Open options, by clicking the orange Firefox tab, and choosing Options from the menu. In the options window click Advanced, and then the Updates tab. Here you need to uncheck ‘Automatically check for updates to Firefox’. This will ensure Firefox 3.6 doesn’t immediately update itself later on!

2: Now you have to download Firefox 3 – the last version can be found here at Softonic or at Mozilla’s site. Double click the file ‘Firefox Setup 3.6.16’, and follow onscreen instructions.  You will have to close Firefox 4 now – say goodbye! When you reach the screen below, click ‘Upgrade‘ – don’t worry, you are actually downgrading.

3: Relaunch Firefox. You will now discover Firefox 3 is back, and as automatic updates are disabled, it will stay back. While there maybe some issues with Firefox 4 now, we are sure they will be quickly ironed out, and your favorite add-ons will soon be compatible too.

When you upgrade to Firefox 4 again, and we recommend you do, it will automatically warn you if any of your add-ons are not compatible, and check if there are newer versions that are.

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